Welcome to your TravelBucketList!

Bucket List: (Dare to dream!)

Take a cruise from Australia to Fiji:

How to get there? Suggestions: Fly direct from Toronto with Air Canada or stopover flights with Emirates or Qantas. Cost approximately: $1400 economy. I would recommend business class for more comfort since flight is about 22 and a half hours. Business class could, however, run you about $7600 depending on the time of year that you go.

Best time to go? September to November & March to May. I usually travel in October since it’s my birthday! This works for me.

Where to stay? Stay in Australia for 1 week prior to cruise. Stay in hotel near Cruiseship Terminal.

What to do? Get wet and Snorkel the Barrier Reef, site see and visit Circular Quay, the Opera House, and the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens. Catch some rays at Bondi Beach and view Ayres Rock (Uluru).

What to Eat? Eat at a traditional Australian restaurant such as: Aria Restaurant or Quay Bistro.

What to pack? For the beach: Hat, sunblock, bathing suit, cover up, towel and towel clips (so the wind doesn’t blow your towel away), beach bag, waterproof camera, and watershoes (protects your feet from hot sand and rocks in the water). On the ship: T-Shirts, shorts, flip flops, pants/button up or polo shirt, skirt/dress for evening, comfortable walking shoes, toiletries, first aid kit… there may be a formal night where you can get dressed up or opt out and stay casual.

You may be thinking, “Australia and Fiji, that is going to cost me an arm and a leg. I can’t afford that.” Partly true. The trip will cost about $5000 or more for one (or more for all the bells and whistles), but the experience itself will be worth every penny. The only way I can afford it is to save while I plan. When I first dreamt about going on a cruise, I thought “I will never be able to afford it”, but then I decided to save $10 per pay until I could afford it and low and behold, more money came to me that allowed me to go sooner than I thought!

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