End of an era: Frontier discontinues its customer service telephone line

Frontier Airlines has cut the cord, so to speak. The airline has discontinued its customer service phone service. The carrier has transitioned to fully digital communications system. The new reality: Customers seeking help or information from Frontier must  use an online chatbot, social media channels or via WhatsApp. Chatting is still possible. Customers who needContinue reading “End of an era: Frontier discontinues its customer service telephone line”

MSC Divina-Western Caribbean Central America Oct. 2022 Cruise Review

I booked this cruise with Divina while I was on my first MSC cruise on Meraviglia in February. She got a lot of rave reviews so I decided to try it out myself. This review is my opinion; however, keep in mind to each his own. I also have some comparisons between Meraviglia and Divina.Continue reading “MSC Divina-Western Caribbean Central America Oct. 2022 Cruise Review”


This was my first time cruising with MSC and all I can say is…Wow! I was so impressed with this 8 day Bahamas/Mexico cruise out of Port Canaveral. The itinerary included: 2 days at MSC’s private island-Coco Cay, Costa Maya Mexico and Cozumel Mexico. The ship holds about 4500 passengers but because of Covid, thereContinue reading “MSC MERAVIGLIA”

13 Things to consider when booking your first cruise

What is your budget? $500, $5000. More? Less? Where do you want to go? Caribbean, Europe, Mediteranean, Asia, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Alaska, Antarctic, Australia, Fiji, Bora Bora, Africa….the world? What do you want to see/experience? Warm ocean breezes, sun, beaches, palm trees, safari, seals, whales, nature, Eiffel tower, gondola rides, leaning tower of Pisa, pyramids,Continue reading “13 Things to consider when booking your first cruise”

What are your thoughts on booking travel during a pandemic? Specifically cruises.

As I am a passionate (cruise) traveler I am a member of several different travel sites. The concern I have is that fellow travellers are ranting on these sites about cruise lines not refunding money promptly if a cruise is rescheduled because of the pandemic. And, when I say promptly, I mean the same dayContinue reading “What are your thoughts on booking travel during a pandemic? Specifically cruises.”

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