Cruising 411

Not sure if a cruise would be for you or not?  Do you like music, food, drinks, Vegas style entertainment, dancing, seeing the world, relaxation, and parties?  If so, cruising may be for you.

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of cruising, a lot of it is just common sense.  Here are the deets…


1) Do keep an open mind.

2) Do have fun.

3) Do experience all you can on and off of the ship.  I love the catamaran snorkel excursions in the Caribbean.

4) Do go to the deck parties 🥳 .  There is always one during sail away from each port.

5) Do tip your servers or stewards extra if you feel they have gone above and beyond.

6) Do keep an eye on your onboard account from the TV in your room and take care of  any discrepancies right away.

7) Do use magnets on your walls to post and keep track of your excursions or leave a note for your steward/stewardess with a small whiteboard.

8) Do order more than one main course or dessert if you want.

9) Do star gaze on the top deck or catch a sunset.

10) Do check out the art auction.  (Psst…free champagne!).

11) Do order room service and have breakfast, lunch, or dinner on your balcony!  Best scenery ever! 

12) Do try the karaoke.  You’ll probably never see the same people again off the ship or you may just make new friends.

13) Do call it a ship and not a boat.

14) Do reserve your restaurants and shows ahead of time so you can relax on your cruise.

15) Do book a relaxing massage on a port day.  They have really good sales on port days.

16) Do fly in the day before your cruise in case of flight delays.  If you book your flight through the cruiseline, they will wait a little bit for you or they’ll fly you to the next port and pick you up there. 

17) Do buy a bottle of wine in the dining room and ask the waiter/waitress to recork it until your next dinner or meal.  It doesn’t matter which restaurant you’re in, they’ll bring it to you.

18) Do book your excursions with the cruiseline.  If the bus is late coming back, the ship will wait. 


1) Don’t forget the walls in your room are not that thick (need I say more 😉).

2) Don’t smoke in your room or on your balcony. There will be designated smoking areas on the ship.  You will get a hefty fine if caught.

3) Don’t push your way onto the elevator while others are trying to get off.  (Better to take the stairs to work off the extra dessert you had at dinner).

4) Don’t climb or sit on the railings.

5) Don’t be a chair hog by the pool.  Aka hold a chair you’re not using.

6) Don’t bring alcohol onto the ship unless it is the designated one litre of wine per person.  If you buy alcohol while on an excursion during your cruise, they will take it from you and return it the last night of your cruise.

And most of all, don’t forget to let your hair down and have fun!

This is not an inclusive list but a good start.

If you have any burning questions about cruising feel free to ask me.

Happy cruising friends!

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Travel Blogger. Passion for cruising and solo travel. Insurance underwriter/CIP. Love to sing. Like classic cars.

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