5 reasons to go on a cruise

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To cruise or not to cruise? That is the question.

For anyone that knows me, I am very passionate about cruising. I absolutely LOVE it! I love it so much, I’m always planning my next one. I have been on 13 cruises including Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean, Hawaii, Northern Europe, Western Mediterranean, and Panama Canal. Some with family and friends and some solo. As soon as my feet are planted on the ship, all the worries of the world just vanish out of my head like Houdini. Poof! Gone! Ahhh, I just love how the warm ocean air breezes through my hair while I sip on a cold mojito by the pool listening to a steel band playing…

Sorry, I digress….And, because I love it so much, I am sharing 5 reasons below why you should experience a cruise at least once in your lifetime. There are so many other reasons but I’ll share just 5 for now. Why not get all your ducks in a row before your next travel adventure?

  1. Service: Yup, you get spoiled regardless of what room you choose. Top notch service all over the ship. They even remember your name! How do they do that? I can’t even remember one persons name never mind 2000 lol.
  2. Food: Great food lovingly prepared by world renowned chefs such as Jamie Oliver known for his Italian cuisine , Curtis Stone known for his fine dining, and Guy Fieri’s burger joint-known for diners, drive-ins, and dives TV show. There are several, free, dining options such as excellent food in the dining rooms for a relaxed sit down meal, buffet’s, deli’s, cafe’s, pubs, and poolside barbecues. Free Ice cream anyone? For a small fee, you can get room service (usually under $10 and sometimes free during certain hours) but it’s definitely worth it if you have a balcony. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner on your balcony as you watch the world go by-ahhh, so relaxing! There are also specialty restaurants for a fee such as Steakhouses, Teppanyaki, French, Italian, or dinner shows such as Cirque de Soliel or murder mystery dinner theater. You’re not obligated to spend the extra dough. But, I would highly recommend it for the experience.
  3. Entertainment: Free Las Vegas style entertainment and shows including Grease, Hairspray, Cats, Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys, Blue Man Group, We Will Rock You, etc. Norwegian cruise line has Sids Pour House which I highly recommend if you like live music and sing-a- longs. There is also karaoke, piano bars, and dancing to different types of music in several different venues (jazz, latin, rock and roll, top 40 in the nightclub etc…). Royal Caribbean also has free high diving shows on their Oasis class ships and ice capade shows across the fleet.
  4. Daily Activities: You can opt in to do the plethora of hourly daily activities offered every day to experience everything you possibly can, or do nothing at all and chill by the pool, find a quiet secluded spot on the ship to have an afternoon siesta or read a book from the ships library. The daily activities can include: Art auctions with free champagne. Trivia. Cooking presentations. Excursion seminars. Fitness. Dance classes. Basketball, ping pong, shuffle board, and slot or poker tournaments in the casino. Darts, pool, bowling, rock climbing, zip-line, surf simulator, and ice skating. Belly flop contest anyone? While you’re at sea, why not try your luck at slots or card games in the casino or stroll through the shopping galleria for souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, and duty free items? There’s something for everyone. So much to do, so little time.
  5. Value: Last but not least, you get more for your money and see more of the world in just one trip. Would you rather experience 3 or more islands or countries in one to two weeks or just one? You could spend thousands upon thousands of dollars visiting one place at a time. I know I would prefer to get more bang for the buck and see 3 or more places on one trip. You can then choose to go back to the places that made a big impression on you at a later time.

All of the above is included in your cruise: Great service, food prepared by top chefs, Las Vegas style entertainment, daily activities for those who like to be active, and great Value.

As you can see, there are so many options, and some that I haven’t even mentioned. More information to come. In the meantime, please feel free to share your comments below to let me know why you like cruising and dare to dream!

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10 thoughts on “5 reasons to go on a cruise

  1. Going on a cruise has always been on my bucket list! I love your reasonings for doing it! How did you like cruising solo? I’m so introverted but really enjoy me time so I always contemplate doing a solo vacay!


    1. Thank you Darla. I am a little introverted as well. I loved travelling solo. I could come and go when I please lol. You can choose to join the solo group or do it in your own but the solo group was so much fun. A great group of like minded people. I would highly recommend going solo. I can answer any questions you have to help you plan 🙂


  2. Wow, 13 cruises?! That is amazing! I took one cruise last spring to Mexico, and it was incredible – especially the entertainment on the ship, missing it a lot!


  3. I love this! My husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon last year and it was the best vacation I have ever taken. Awesome post!


  4. I have only been on 2 cruises but I like them…my husband Loves them! I’m sure we will go on many more. Thanks for the great info.!


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